Diana Fritillary (Speyeria diana)
The diana fritillary was reported by Ross & Lambremont in the Journal of the Lepidoptrists' Society, Volume 17 number 3 in their update to the state list of Louisiana butterflies and skippers.  They referred to a sight record in Tallulah, Madison Parish noted by Mather & Mather in the article "The Butterflies of Mississippi" published in the journal Tulane Studies in Zoology in 1958.  Ross and Lambremont feel that this was a reliable sight record.  The article by Mather and Mather states that "Mr. P. A. Glick wrote us on 14 January 1953, that he saw a female at Talllulah, La. near Vicksburg, Warren Co.  S. diana should therefore be included among the butterflies known from Louisiana."  So this is second hand information to Mather and Mather.