According to range maps, the Brazilian skipper is mainly a costal butterfly and in Louisiana is seen mostly in the southern part of the state.  However, I have had no trouble finding it in northwest Louisiana.  One method of attracting butterflies to your garden is to plant a butterfly hostplants in your yard.  The canna plant is the hostplant for this species.   Because canna has a tendency to spread in a garden, I planted my specimen in a large pot on my patio. It is a fast growing plant and didn't take long to completely fill the pot. Also, it didn't take long for the skippers to find this plant.  At first I didn't know what to look for.  I noticed some leaves had been chewed, but it took me a while to realize that this was done by the Brazilian skipper caterpillar.   
 The caterpillar forages at night and stays in a folded leaf by day. The two photos above shows how the caterpillar folds the leaf.  The caterpillar is found inside the fold during the day.  Look for these characteristic folds to find the caterpillar.  If they are still using that particular fold, they will be inside it during the day.  As they grow, the fold that they create is larger to accommodate their larger size.
The skipper lays its eggs on the canna leaves.  The eggs are white and easy to find.  There are three eggs on the canna leaf at the left.  A close-up photo of an egg is shown below.
The photo above is an early instar of the Brazilian skipper catperpillar.  This caterpillar is about 3/8 inches long.
This is a late instar caterpillar.  Notice the black triangle on the head.  This caterpillar is about 2.5 inches.
A Brazilian skipper chrysalis on a canna plant.  Unlike many butterfly caterpillars, this species makes its chrysalis on the hostplant..
The Brazilian skipper chrysalis is formed under a folded leaf as pointed out in the photo above. This is not the same as the folded leaf the caterpillar hides in during the day.   The chrysalis is held in place by threads that the caterpillar produces for that purpose.
The skipper finally emerges from the chrysalis into a perfect butterfly.