Louisiana Birds, Butterflies and Moths--Jeff Trahan
Brown Pelican
Gulf Fritillary Io Moth
Brown Pelican, Gulf Fritillary, and Io Moth.  The photos are linked to Birds, Butterflies, and Moths of Louisiana.

Louisiana Birds
There are more than 300 photos of birds seen in Louisiana.  Some of them are unusual, but most are those that are regularly seen by people interested in birds and birding.  You can access these photos at Louisiana Birds

Butterflies of Caddo Parish
The first is the Butterflies of Caddo Parish which has photos of almost all of the butterflies that have been seen in the parish.  This part of the site can be found at Caddo Parish Butterflies.  In addition, there is a Chart of Seasonal Occurances that shows the flight times of these butterflies in the parish.

Louisiana Butterflies
A complete list of Louisiana Butterflies with photos of most of them.  If there are no photos  there is information explaining the record.  Find this site at Louisiana Butterflies.

Moths of Northwestern Louisiana
I have been cataloging the moths of northwestern Louisiana for several years.  I set up UV moth lights at different locations, photograph and identify the moths that are attracted to the lights.  There are photos of almost 700 moths in taxonomic order.  Find these photos at Moth Photos .